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An endless pleasure!

It’s great to be a girl! Girls can wear mini skirts, dresses, trousers, but the most important — heels! It’s great to be a woman and realize that all the strength is not in the heels, but in their “bearer”. Actually the strength is in the bearer’s feet. In Costa del Sol there are many beautiful girls and women! Russian girls added some beauty to this place too. I hope the other girls are not offended by these words:)

Russians like to dress up and wear heels like no other. A variety of secular life in Sunny Beach contributes to this. Hangouts, meetings, gatherings with friends, discos, romantic dinners – all this happens here! Yet you only must find some time to change the heels’ soles!

Of course, every woman wants to stay young and beautiful. She might want to be able to wear heels for as long as possible, because this part of the wardrobe is an attribute of true femininity! But not always our opportunities coincide with our desires. Today we will figure out how to make this coincidence with help of yoga practice!


Legs are the larger part of the body. Well, they take half of it for sure! So take care of this half and keep it beautiful!

To form beautiful relief muscles of the legs you need to do a diverse set of movements. They will help to combine tension and stretching of muscles, work with joints and ligaments, and proper rest for the circulatory system. Let’s study it step by step.

For blood supply activation and toning the muscles we will need warm-up exercises, which, in turn, will warm up the joints and ligaments and prepare the body for more complicated actions.

Let’s start with wonderful vinyasa (short dynamic sequence of exercises), which perfectly warms the legs muscles and strengthens hip and knee joints. Believe me, it’s not as simple as it seems at first glance! But this is exciting part of practice, right? 🙂

Perform a squat on the left foot, trying to pull the right as far as possible aside. Do not overload your knees. Remember, you repeat this sequence for several times, so there’s no point to straighten the right knee immediately.

With your hands on the floor, transfer the weight of the body through the center to your right foot, performing a soft squat. Feel the left knee compliance and stay in this position for some respiratory cycles.
Repeat this vinyasa for several times, achieving smoother transitions and deeper stretching of inguinal ligaments and popliteal tendons. At the end of the cycle, relax in a comfortable pose.
If you find this option too easy and feel ready for challenging your own abilities you can add more balance. Stretch your hands in front of you, first collecting your fingers in fists, and try to do the same vinyasa! You feel now the work of the whole body, don’t you?

The next exercise will relieve tension and stretch the large muscles of the legs and tendons. Variation of Prasarita Padottanasana (Bowing with wide opened legs) is not always comfortable for people with high blood pressure. So be sure to consult an experienced yoga therapist and adjust your practice according to your needs. Put your legs as wide as possible (with the feet slightly folded inwards for better balance retention and deeper opening of the hamstrings, and the knee cups pulled upwards).

Attention! If you cannot do the straight leg option, bend your knees and relax! Collect your hands in the elbow lock (grip your elbows with your hands) and start gently bending down, controlling the muscles tention of the back surface of your legs. Try to keep your back relaxed and stretched, do not allow neck tightening.


If you feel that you can go lower – put your hands on the floor and stretch your head down. Stay in the asana while you can control the tension and your sensations. Then gently bend your knees and put them on the floor, moving to the sitting position. Relax the muscles of the legs and body.

And one more useful vinyasa based on Anantasana (the pose of the wise Ananta). By practising this sequence, you not only form a beautiful relief of the leg muscles, but also learn to keep balance. This will involve the deep muscles of the spine, which will improve your posture. Not a bad, don’t you agree?

Lie down on your left side, put your legs together and pull your toes down. The right leg is working. Slowly slide the toe of the right foot along the left shin. Fix the right foot toe on the left knee, direct the knee of the right leg upwards. DSC_8757-1024x678
Continue the movement by sliding the right toe over the left hip’s inner surface. Then, pull up and, if possible, straighten the right foot up. The toe continues to be active. Try not to make sudden movements, mind your sensations.
DSC_8764-1024x678 (1)

After fixing the last position for a few seconds, bend the right knee and lower the leg, repeating the trajectory. Do a few repetitions of the dynamic Anantasana with the right leg, then change the position and execute with the left.


At the end of practice, allow yourself to sit for a while with a straight back.

Focus on the sensations born in your legs filled with endless pleasure!

Have a pleasant practice!


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