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About me

Hello! My name is Maria Shishkina. I am a yoga therapist, myotherapist and author of international programs. I do my favourite job for more than 12 years and this is my life! Now looking back at my life, I can say that Love rules the world!

Through the difficult path of teenage complexes towards self-love, awareness of unique features of the body and thoughts – all these led me to the profession of yoga therapist and teacher. Now I teach others to love themselves and the world around.

Since my childhood I’ve dreamed of living in a house by the sea. Warm sea. Where the sun shines all year round and people smile at each other when they meet. Quite spontaneously in the 8-9 class I began to learn Spanish – I liked it. The images of passionate bullfighters and dancers, bright feelings and colours popped up in my head every time when someone pronounced “Spain” …

But there was no idea of ​​moving here. Fortune brought. The happiest and, I think, deserved. After all, about what you sincerely dream, it will come true!

For three years now we live in Spain. Moving here was not just a new milestone in the history of my family, but also a serious challenge, a complete change of opinions and views, opening a new Universe.

Costa del Sol – a place from where love splashes from! Everything here says to the person “Take off the mask, leave prejudices, let Nature impregnate you with Love!”

It is impossible to describe the level of happiness that rages in me every second. I enjoy my favorite work, sand and sea all year round, perfect in all respects childhood of my beloved son Matthew, nights, soaked in the sweet scent of Dama de Nochet, beautiful people on the street, smiles …

Going for a run along the paseo, the first thing I do naturally thank Life for what it Is. Right now. Mine.

In Russian. In English. And now in Spanish.

Yes, I am  an “extranjero”. But with a beautiful Andalusian accent and own slice of Happiness on this wonderful land!..


Now a bit about my professional biography.

Maria Shishkina, yoga therapist, myotherapist, author of international programs, teacher with more than 12 years of experience.


Diplomas and certificates:

Diploma of the Institute of Traditional Systems of Recovery on “Yoga therapy and therapeutic exercise” (2012)

Certificate: Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Level 1 (2012)

Certificate: Clinical Research Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda, Kerala, India (2011)

Author of the following programs and courses:

JoyKid. “When a kid is always in joy!” — a joint practice for moms and babies from birth to a one-year-old.

JoyKid Special — program for moms and babies with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the CNS, patients with autism.

JoyKidPROSport — a compensatory practice for children professionally engaged in sports.

YogaPROSport — course of yoga therapy for professional athletes.

“Art of Birth”— course of prenatal practice and post-natal recovery.

“Mom’s class” — course of effective post-natal recovery

Special-purpose courses: “Detox-yoga therapy”, “Bikini yoga therapy”, “Yoga therapy for life”, “Woman. A look from the inside.”

Author and columnist in “Yoga” and “Home-Child” magazines.

Author of master-classes for the magazine “Mamas & Papas”.

Participant and host of the JoyKid program at the 3rd international conference of the journals “Home-Child” and Midwifery Today – “Natural birth: skills, science and traditions”, June 2013.

I developed training programs for professional athletes for periods of intensive preparation for competition and rehabilitation for the following sports: Powerlifting, Athletics,

Taekwondo, Ballroom dancing and Rhythmic gymnastics.

I create and introduce yoga therapeutic practice in sports especially adapted for children professionally engaged in sports. The goal is the harmonious development of the child’s organism, compensatory and rehabilitation effects, relaxation after intensive training activities.

Organizer and presenter of yoga seminars and yoga tours in Russia and abroad since 2008. Author of many articles for the following resources: Hanuman.ru, “Mother’s Planet”,

Allyoga.ru etc.. Creator of video lessons for the “Yoga-online” project. Author of the educational video program “Sukshma-vyayama – simple exercises of yoga” (2010)

Presenter of my personal video channel on YouTube.

Consultant of several Internet projects devoted to conception, pregnancy and motherhood:

– “In the Name of a Woman”

– “Mother’s Planet”, website about pregnancy and motherhood.

I take part in telecasts on women’s health and maternity (“Good morning, Love”!, “Our children”, TV channel TDK)

I write articles about women’s health, practices in various periods of a woman’s life, conception, pregnancy and motherhood for various print and online publications (publications for the magazines “Home Child”, “Mamas & Papas”, “Children’s Pages”, etc.)

Currently I live and work in Spain and keep up personal blog for several large projects (Marbella Book, BestCityDeals, Marbella Community).

I conduct distance and full-time training courses on my own programs in more than 12 countries of the world.


More about me and my projects you can find out in social networks below: