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A burden of our’s own choice is not felt: Preparing for active summer

Summer is coming soon! And this means that time of sandboxes, barbecues, walks, trips to cottage and seaside starts soon!

The JoyKid team is ready to equip every mom and baby with a JoyKid-backpack that complies with all principles of the program!


First: «The kid should always bring you joy!» This means that wherever you go, everything you need for both mother and baby should be carried on your body without occupying an «extra» hand!

Second: the mother’s load with prolonged carrying of «baby’s wealth», and baby also, should be minimized and symmetrically distributed. So, we offer a backpack in which the load spreads on both shoulders. This way it reduces the risk of asymmetry development, as it often happens when the bag is worn on one shoulder for a long time.


Third: any product of JoyKid is natural! Our JoyKid-backpack is made from natural unpainted flax without synthetic materials. We gave up the paint printing on the fabric and chose a more natural and «long-lasting» colour embroidery.

The JoyKid-backpack looks very nice! You can put toys, sand sets, products and bathing accessories in it, but also your baby too, if it is tired and begging for «handles» and you have no more hands left!))

We appreciate every day spent with the baby and we try to make these moments brighter and more joyful!


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