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Time for a change. Correct the metabolism in the autumn.

We all want to be, and not just look healthy, fresh, fit, radiating energy and youth. And if summer fully filled our bodies and souls with solar energy and health, then in autumn it’s time to learn how to distribute it correctly. Today we will talk about metabolism – the most important engine of human life and the regulator of health.

True using internal resources and correctly spending and restoring energy, you can literally subordinate your time. This is written a lot of work and carried out successful research, but I will touch on this topic in a slightly different angle. Let’s take a look at everything from the point of view of yoga therapy and Ayurvedic principles.

What is metabolism in a nutshell? The speed of the course of all life reactions and processes inside the body both autonomously and in interaction with the external environment. For example, a person is sitting on a chair in his room, reading a book, it’s warm, cozy. there is still not wanted, do not need to work – today is a day off, beauty! The metabolic rate in this case will not be too high: why should a smart organism spend a kilocalorie on such a simple and comfortable occupation?

Our hero read out, went to bed at midnight, and in the morning – early ascent, running to work, to stand in traffic jams, an important meeting, and the boss also shouted … The dinner is over, the familiar is returned to the home, angry and tired. Metabolism during this day behaved chaotically: it increased dramatically, leaping a dose of hormones into the blood (remember the boss with a reprimand?), Then abruptly slowing down, saving the reruns (missed lunch, early heavy lifting after a sleepless night …).

Our acquaintance realized this and decided to compensate for the stress of stress-negative positive – go to training in the gym. And here he wanders / runs along the treadmill, pulls the barbell / sharpens pas / twists in knots in group exercises and feels that after such a cossack would have a very positive work with the body, the stress is left, and the body instead of losing, gaining weight . Vicious circle. Let’s understand the reasons and consequences.

1. Stress for the body – always stress. Both positive and negative. The body reacts by releasing the appropriate situation of a set of hormones, causing some or other responses. Impossible, and most importantly, you do not need to change the body’s reaction to the situation. We must train him. Increasing the frequency of repetition of the same action / reaction / situation, you are provoking addiction, which means that the body will be more and more relaxed every time and – the key word in the context of this article is RARE! Metabolism SHOULD NOT skip. You do not need to raise it sharply in the hope of dropping the hated couple of kg, you need to tune it to REGULAR regular work. Then both kg and hatred of one’s own body, by the way, will go away.

Yoga therapy is a uniformly repeated long-term action of equal intensity. An example is walking with a straight back and deep breathing. For the advanced – running, repeated repetition of the crochet vyayam.

Explanation: for any stress in the first place will respond to the adrenal glands by the release of corticoid hormones. This, in turn, significantly reduces the current reactions in the body, as a consequence, inhibiting and with regular repetition reducing the level of metabolism. Uniform asymmetric movement of the trunk in the vertical plane (straight back, alternating rearrangement of the legs) in combination with even deep breathing allows the concentration of hormones to decrease in the body faster and more evenly distributed into the muscles, realizing the signal – “contraction and relaxation” in response to stress. Slightly “shaking” the zone of the kidneys and adrenal glands during walking, we normalize the EQUAL work of these hormone-producing organs, giving the body stability in reactions and training it to increase the “stress” threshold.

2. Directly in the practice of yoga, I recommend concentrating on smooth transitions and repeated repetitions of ligaments (the length and complexity you establish with the instructor leading you), where the center of the movement is again the lumbosacral and thoracic spine. An example is Virabhadrasana-Uttanasana, Kati-Chakrasana-Trikonasana, Janu-Shirshasana-Parighasana.

Explanation: “compression-stretching” exercises stimulate and soften muscle tissues, increasing fluid conductivity and absorption, as well as nerve impulses. Complex complex of muscle interaction in response to the hormonal cocktail is designed to reduce the concentration of hormones thrown into the blood, to defuse the nervous system and at the same time not to store unfulfilled signals and residual doses of hormones in the muscles. Therefore, by stretching and removing the local muscle clamps with numerous repetitions, you allow the body to realize the natural functions more qualitatively. Thus, the level of metabolic reactions fluctuates with less jumps, allowing the body to produce smaller doses of hormones, and the body – to react more calmly and easier to realize its neuromuscular functions.

Well, now the main question – why to do it in Autumn? To work with the metabolic system of the body, tracking reactions and regulation, autumn is best suited. The body, obeying the general natural laws, rebuilds its own rhythms, and in your hands the “golden key” from the door to youth is a regularly built regular practice. It will help not only softly prepare for the winter and a natural slowdown in metabolic processes, but also gently adjust new rhythms of the body, elevating you to a qualitatively new level of life.

Use this time with benefit and enjoy your health!


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