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Yoga #Lifehack. Mastering Nataradjasana.

Variations of Nataradjasana, or the Dancer’s Pose are mass. Let’s dwell on one of the most common and add a few yoga lifesthaks to practice.

  • If you perform Nataradjasana with a support (as shown in the photo), then by adjusting the height of the supporting arm, it is possible to work out individual sections of the thoracic and lumbosacral part, as having removed excessive tension from the most delicate places (topical to the owners of protrusions and mesenteric hernias dreaming to safely subjugate new heights in yoga), and consistently increase the flexibility of the back.
  • When pulling up the gripped ankle, do not allow the body to rotate and deflect its or individual parts back.
  • When creating stretching, work from the center of the movement. I will explain: imagine visually “drop”, which is formed in the place of capture by the palm of the ankle, find its “center of gravity” and start symmetrically pulling the “drop” up. Good visualization is one of the key points of successful practice!


  • Contraindications: protrusions / hernias in the lumbosacral, thoracic and cervical divisions (pratkika only under the supervision of a specialist depending on the individual body history), rehabilitation after abdominal operations, subluxation of the neck of the hip, rigidity of the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

I will be happy to answer your questions! Good practice!


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